Toko Oen
  • Jawa Timur, Kota Malang
  • 1 Hour (s) 30 Minute (s)
Toko Oen Malang is one of the legendary Dutch-style classic restaurants in every corner to the chef and waiter. One of the attractions in Malang is precisely at Jalan Jend Basuki Rahmat No. 5 invites many local and foreign visitors. When passing through the entrance, the Dolaners will feel the atmosphere of the past that immediately greeted like an ancient radio in a corner, waitresses dressed in typical colonial times and some chairs made of wood which are maintained.

The history of Malang Oen Shop began in 1930 which stood under the name Oen Ice Cream Palace Pattissier. At that time the Toko Oen Malang became a favorite and popular place for Dutch and European people. Whereas the famous owner at that time was a person who came from Chinese namely Max Liem who had the Oen clan. Then the main dish served in this place is the Dutch menu.

This place was then used as the venue for the Indonesian National Committee Congress on February 25, 1947. All activities in this activity were carried out by Toko Oen at that time and the unique thing in 1947 was that this building was one of the buildings that survived the fire in Malang.

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Travel Tips

  • How to get there?

    Toko Oen is about 2.4 kilometers and 8 minutes drive from the City of Malang by car. Transportation options for Toko Oen are renting cars and motorbikes or using public transportation.