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Desa Wisata Sayan - Ubud (3D2N)

Gianyar, Indonesia · Private Trip
3 Days
Minimum 4 person
No Cancellation/Refund

The past history of the Sayan region has witnessed the history of the development of human life from time to time. Around the 1800s, from a historical perspective, the name Sayan was inseparable from the story of the struggle of the soldiers of Puri Ubud who were sent to guard Sayan as a war fortress. Etymologically, the origin of the word Sayan is believed to have originated from the basic Saiya and An words. Saiya means sent / emissary and An refers to a group of people. It can be described that Sayan became an area for group of chosen people (paramilitary troops – Laskar Pemati) who were sent (Saiya) by the Ubud Palace as a cipher. They consisted of capable and brave people and there was no doubt that their loyalty to the Ubud Palace, which later had a representation in the present Puri Sayan. It was recognized that the western border region, namely Sayan, was still very weak, so these selected knights were sent. They worked together to protect and defend the Sayan area until finally merging into a harmonious society

Your Travel Schedule

Titik Pertemuan

Airport or Kuta Area

Day 1

Sayan Spiritual Healing Experience: Feel the Spiritual Energy from the Eat, Pray, Love Spot.

Pick Up Airport/Kuta Area


Welcoming you at the Warung Bijaku Sayan with health protocols

Warm welcome by local guide

Ready to short trek at wide open ricefields (Subak Bija) while feeling the life spirit of the farming community.


Taking you to Jero Made Kontenshi House (you can rent bicycle)

Made proposed three main extraordinary spiritual healings: physic healing and energy transferring (meditation or yoga in natural sanctuary), birthday reading and cleansing, and sacred geometry painting in a natural sanctuary.

Finishing the tour by tasting the popular of Sayan authentic culinary “Betutu Men Juwel” which is rich with herbs and spices. It will be good for your immune system.

For the closing, local guide will take you to pass through the settlements of the villagers where you can find the traditional process of authentic Balinese drink “Tuak” with their unique myth. As the optional, you can join the making process or only purchase as your souvenir.

Dinner at Sayan Point while enjoy its sunset

Relax and Free Time

Day 2

Connect with the only one unique painting style in the world

Wake up early morning Go to the Puri Sayan (Old Traditional Castle)

Visit Puseh – Desa Temple

Go to Young Artist Painters Home to learn its painting style with the locals, Visit Young Artist Maestro


Check Out

Tirta Empul “Holy Water”

Check in at Kuta

Dinner in Kuta

Relax & Free Time

Day 3


Uluwatu Temple


Check Out

Khrisna/ Keranjang/ Agung Oleh Oleh (choice activities)

Go to Kuta Beach (Sunset Time) (choice activities)

Finish program

Drop Off to airport

Where is the meeting point?

Airport or Kuta Area

What's included?

Local Guide

Entrance Ticket

Balinese Snack

Traditional Music and Dances

Dinner and Lunch

Accomodation (homestay)


What's not included?

Ticket airplane

Mineral Water

Personal Expense

Rp2.700.000 / orang

No. of Guests