How To Book

Type in Where You Wanna Go

You see that searchbox in the middle of the page? You can type anything related to your next journey,we will show all everything we got on it.

Scroll Up and Down or Filter as You Wish

Check out all the activities we have to offer on this list page. You can filter or sort your list by clicking the buttons at the top. The page will show the product summary, for more detailed info you can click on the product's card.

Select the Item of Your Interest

After you read the detail, check the schedule and number of persons going with you, make sure that all are good as your planned, then you can select it and check out.

Confirmation and Payment

You will be asked for your legal identification, email and phone number for further contacts, and a validation page will confirm if you have entered the right date, number of persons and other information correctly. There are variety of payment choices you can select to meet your preference.

Need Help ?

See that chat symbol at the bottom? our customer service are ready to help you find your way around.